Come prepared to breathe, sweat, and LAUGH together. Each class is a dynamic event, a celebration that nurtures your personal practice and roots you deep in the practice. You’ll find the beats and vibrations of bhakti musicians and hip-hop artists, a practice inspired by the full moon or the 5 elements, a candlelit evening flow or a sunlit morning wake-up call. So wherever you are, however you are, whatever day of the week, show up and bring it.

december, 2017

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Hatha – Hatha Yoga is the most popular and widely practiced form of yoga in the West. This class will introduce students to all of the elements of a balanced Hatha yoga practice, including standing and seated postures, pranayama (control of the breath), meditation and relaxation.

Le Hatha yoga est la forme de yoga la plus populaire et la plus largement pratiquée à l’Ouest. Cette classe fera connaître aux étudiants tous les éléments d’une pratique équilibrée de Hatha yoga, y compris les postures debout et assises, le pranayama (contrôle de la respiration), la méditation et la relaxation.

Vinyasa – Experience creative and continuous dynamic sequences of classical yoga postures based in Ashtanga teachings that will align your body, breath and mind. Come prepared to turn inward, move, sweat and breathe! Level of effort: Strong

Découvrez des séquences dynamiques créatives et et continues de postures classiques de yoga visant à aligner votre corps, votre souffle et votre esprit. Préparez-vous à vous tourner vers l’intérieur, bouger, transpirer et respirer! Niveau d’effort: Intensité élevée

Yin Yoga – Yin is a relaxed, contemplative practice of long-held passive stretches targeting the connective tissues of the body. It is the ideal compliment to more muscular forms of yoga. Because of its emphasis on the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine, it is hugely beneficial for releasing tension and improving flexibility and agility in athletes, dancers, as well as office workers who sit for long periods. Level of effort: Unwind;

Le Yin yoga est une pratique contemplative détendue d’étirements passifs tenus longtemps, faisant travailler les tissus conjonctifs du corps. Il est le complément idéal à des formes plus musclées de yoga. En raison de l’accent mis sur les hanches, les cuisses, le bassin et la colonne vertébrale inférieure, il est extrêmement bénéfique pour libérer les tensions et améliorer la flexibilité et l’agilité des athlètes, danseurs, ainsi que des employés de bureau qui restent assis pendant de longues périodes.Niveau d’effort: Détente

Workshops & Intensives

I teach a number of workshops throughout the year ranging from 2 hour classes/intensives, pop up yoga practices and entire weekend immersions allowing anyone to go deeper and explore yoga within their relationship to practice. Topics often include a blend of intermediate asana practice, myth inspired teachings, lectures, seasonal wisdom practices, or teacher specific offerings.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training September 2017

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training @ DAMA YOGA

The 200-hour training fully prepares you to teach yoga with confidence and inspiration that are rooted in competence and your own deepening practice. The comprehensive curriculum fully covers the fundamentals of yoga philosophy, teaching methods, specific techniques for working with a diverse array of students in all aspects of postural, breathing, and meditation practices, and myriad small matters that come into play in the art and science of teaching yoga. We begin with the question, “What is yoga?”  We then fully explore the interwoven threads of a holistic and integrated practice and how best to share it with others.