Lole White Tour 2017

MARK your calendars MONTREAL YOGIS and NON YOGIS for August 12 2017 at 10 am because this urban yogi is coming to light up life and get you #lit at the Lole White Tour this year. Its all going down in the Old Port at the Jacques Cartier Pier.

I’m beyond the point of being excited, blessed, and grateful because I’m joining forces with my super soul power sisters –  Nadia Bonenfant and Dawn Mauricio .Together we will be guiding you through the morning session designed to wake you up to every possibility and heighten your senses of dynamic presence! Our soundscape will be provided by the gifted Beyries Music, but keep your mat space because the evening will feature the eternal shine of Andrew Bathory and Geneviève Guérard. Save the date and get your #yellow mat and join me and 5000 other yogis as we create dynamic presence and focused meditation.

For more information or to purchase your ticket follow the link, get your tickets early because it sells out every year!

This powerful mala is a tool for awakening us to the love and peace that lives inside of us. Surrendering inward to the depths of our own being to the light that continues to kindle the heart, the light that sustains us through dark times. White Jade lights up the body, brings peace, harmony and luck as howlite activates attunement, linking the user to higher spiritual consciousness, and opens and prepares the mind to receive the energies and wisdom of attunements. Trusting the inner light of your heart. Dissolving anger and resentment while fostering forgiveness, empathy, peace and reconciliation.


Jazzie Jewelz x Selena Isles 

Lole White Tour Mala Bracelet for PEACE

I am overjoyed to announce that I had the divine opportunity to collaborate with Jazzie Jewelz on this limited edition White Jade and Howlite Mala bracelet for Peace, just in time for the Lole White Tour 2017.

These malas are lovingly made in Montreal. Each bead has been hand picked, blessed, and chosen for its “energy” level, by Jazzie. We wanted to create something that will always remind you of the peace that exists in all of us and by wearing one you will know that you are linked to many others that are on the same life journey to inner and outer peace.

These hand malas are limited edition, only 100 will be made, part of the proceeds from each bracelet will be donated to the Native Women’s Shelter in Montreal, allowing women and their children to find peace while rebuilding their lives.

Pre Sale of these hand crafted malas starts June 28 2017, orders will start shipping Thursday July 6 2017.


A little Intro…

Often called the Urban Yogi, I am a Yoga teacher, international DJ and single mother.

My journey officially started when I was 17, after a traumatic injury during the Canada Games which ended my athletic career in 4 seconds. While recovering I found a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi which then led me to discover my mother’s copies of Light on Yoga, Yoga the Iyengar Way and finding a poster of Dharma Mittra’s 608 Asana. It was in those discoveries that I realized that Yoga had been with me all of my life weaving in and out of my childhood and adolescence and I ran from it at every turn. However when I needed it the most, the practice, was there. It brought me back from the brink of losing everything I had worked so hard to achieve during my athletic career to a place of stillness and healing.

To read the rest of the journey follow me here:



Yoga Crush – Am I your crush?

I have been blessed to be featured on the #1 iTunes podcast in the spirituality and health Yoga Crush with Suzanne Moscovitch. In this episode I give a rare and raw interview about where my journey has taken me and where I am going.  I get up close and personal and reveal the steps I have taken to start valuing my time as a yoga teacher (in the same way I have as an A-list DJ) and how I have managed to reap the rewards and claim my abundance. Here are some of the things I cover in my 90 minutes with Sue

  • How I went from teaching 15 to 5 classes per week without sacrificing income
  • How I overcame scarcity mindset and fear of failure
  • How I balance being a single mom with growing a sustainable yoga career
  • How I overcame impostor syndrome and stopped comparing myself to my peers
  • Plus you’ll find out who MY YOGA Crushes are AND MORE

Follow the link to get a closer look and hear the raw and hilarious interview!

Interested in group classes with me?

If you have been wondering what practicing with me is like watch this video produced by the Blue Chitta Crew, filmed at the iconic Yoga Shak 372 Cremaize Est, in Montreal. With special guest Iemanjo providing live music.

Because we are all hippies anyway….


december, 2017

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There are many benefits with taking a private classes; these are one to one sessions with me at Yoga-B Studio in Saint Lambert.

What are the benefits of taking private courses?

I teach yoga because I believe in its power to heal and to transform and I have seen that yoga can offer these gifts to anyone, no matter where they are starting from.

During a private session you are receiving the practice that is in line with the direct experience of yoga as it was passed down from teacher to student. One can focus and hone in on being present to the experience, refine their own practice and have time heal in a slower setting rather than a 60 minute group class; you receive my undivided attention to every one of your details, and the therapeutic benefits of each asana (pose).

Anatomy and physiology are explored as well bio-mechanical habits that we all get caught in (slouching, tense shoulders, hunching over, folding in rather than lifting up and out).

To work with me please follow link here


Pose of the week – Live @ Dama Hot Yoga

Anjaneyasana – Low Lunge Pose

One of my favorite asanas of all time! Partially due to its difficult simplicity. Provides a challenge as you move through all the chatter of the mind to let teh hips and pelvis release down to the earth. It refines the spirit an calms the mind. Anjaneya is the Sanskrit word which means “Son of Anjani” and Anjayneya is another name for Hindi God Hanuman in Hindu Mythology. Hanuman is Ram’s aide in Ramayana. God Hanuman helped lord Rama to get back Mata Sita from Ravana’s place called Lanka. Low Lunge Pose gets its name from the shape of body forms during asana. Anjaneyasana could be a complete package – it tones the body and calms the mind. You’re guaranteed to feel energized even when an intense low lunge exertion.

Some benefits include:

  • Anjaneyasana makes the gluteus muscles and the quadriceps stronger.
  • It gives the hips and hip flexors a good stretch.
  • It opens up your shoulders, lungs, and chest.
  • Low Lunge Pose helps you improve your balance.
  • Increases your ability to concentrate and also builds core awareness.
  • Anjaneyasana helps relieve sciatica.
  • Low Lunge Pose stimulates the digestive and reproductive organs.
  • If you practice this asana regularly, your body will be toned and energized.